Sable Island Day Two

The dreary, wet weather kept most visitors indoors today, but I decided to trek outdoors to document Sable Island in it’s usual state, foggy and raining. I ended up coming home just before dark. My clothes were soaking wet, but my gear made it safe and dry, and really, that’s all that matters. Even in the pouring rain, every step across the island was enjoyable. I found myself stopping to rest and just grinning ear to ear at the sight of all this beauty.

Today I documented the sand dunes, the waves crashing onto shore, and the abundance of seals that will follow you in the water as they watch you travel across the sand. When I’d turn to look at my seal paparazzi, they’d all vanish underneath the water. I like the grey seals compared to harbor as they have these unusual long rectangle shaped faces.

Every time I look at this picture I think of the song, “I’ve got you babe”.

It’s truly beautiful watching these horses interact with one another. Wild horses have what is known as family bands, and they operate much like a human family. The father, or in horse terms, the lead stallion, thinks he is in charge when really it’s the lead mare, or the mother in human terms. The lead stallion protects his herd, while the lead mare determines where and when they travel.

It feels unnatural for me to be so public with my passion. I’ve always preferred to be behind the camera or in an edit bay compared to being interviewed live or writing a blog. Without this dream being so public though, I wouldn’t have connected with so many wonderful people and be given the opportunity I am experiencing right now.

This documentary has received such overwhelming support from those who believe in heightening the awareness about Sable Island. Everyone I have stayed with in Halifax and those I have met along this journey have shown me the true nature of people. We are kind and giving creatures, just like the Sable Island horses. We all have hopes and fears. And we strive to better our world and each other by working together. It’s been truly meaningful to meet so many passionate and genuine people throughout this production.

All of you are the wind beneath my wings. Without you, I wouldn’t be in the middle of the Atlantic living my dream. Words can’t describe the love and appreciation I feel to know you support me.

All the best,

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