Arrival in Halifax

Yesterday I left my house at 3am to catch a 7am flight from Victoria, BC to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I slept through the entire flight from Victoria to Calgary. I didn’t even wake when the plane landed. I was so exhausted from being awake for over 24 hours. As I waited for my second flight that morning, I carefully watched the luggage crew load my bags onto the plane. My worst fear was losing all my gear before my adventure began. Thankfully, I saw my shipping containers being loaded onto the conveyor belt, and could rest easy for remainder of my trip.

When I reached Halifax, my newly made friend and Kickstarter supporter, Bernadette, greeted me with a welcoming smile. I’m glad she recognized me, because I had no idea what to expect! As we drove through the different pockets of Nova Scotia, it began to remind me of home. Here, bodies of water, old growth trees, and hills surround us, just like on Vancouver Island. Although Halifax is considered a large maritime city, it’s not overly busy and crowded. Bernadette and I chatted about what seemed to be anything and everything. I thought it would be awkward bunking with her family, whom I had never met before, but everyone is so welcoming and kind. It’s been really special spending time with them and learning about Nova Scotia.

Today, I woke up in the late morning. It wasn’t until I woke up, looked around a bedroom that wasn’t mine, that I came to terms that my documentary was not actually a dream, but really happening. That was the moment it finally all felt real. Sheer excitement overwhelmed me. My dream has begun!!!

Once I picked up my rental car, I ventured around downtown Halifax. I always feel strange being a tourist in Canada. Although I’ve never been to Nova Scotia, all the provinces feel somewhat familiar to me. I did however do the touristy thing for a few hours. I toured the harbor and checked out the gift shops, even bought a Halifax t-shirt. The ocean-lined street smelled of a variety of well-cooked fish and was crowded with people.

Near the Maritime Museum I heard a violin being beautifully played by a young boy. It was such an enchanting song that I just stood there for what seemed like forever, listening to each note pass with such grace. It made me wonder if all east coast music was this beautiful.

I trekked to the Nova Scotia Archives located at the Dalhousie University campus. There I met a wonderful library worker who helped me find all that I was looking for. Another researcher overheard I was producing a documentary on Sable, and gave me contact information of someone who had Sable Island maps from the National Archive Museum in England. You never know what connections you’ll find on your journey! There were so many articles, photos, and books of Sable Island. I’ll be returning to the archives tomorrow to finish my research.

Tomorrow I will be travelling to both the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and the Natural History Museum of Nova Scotia. At 11am I will be conducting my first interview with Dan Conlin, curator at the Maritime Museum. I’m so excited and nervous for my first interview in Nova Scotia!

I am looking forward to learning on how this adventure will unfold. I’m so thankful for all those participating in the creation of the documentary, as well as all of you supporting the dream.

“Always have a dream that lasts longer than your lifetime.”


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